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La ZAD: When the Trees Shake (pt 1/4)

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#ZAD #NDDL : Quand les arbres s’agitent (When the trees shake)
Documentary about the forest occupation on la ZAD of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes and the violent evistion on the October 30-31th This one is mostly in English.  This video is separated into 4 parts… go check out the next three on Youtube.

Looking for more info on LA ZAD?  You can also check out:

-Vainquons Vin$$i  Notre Dame des Landes (French)

It shows the first two week of eviction and the beginning of larger mobilization. Operation Cesar started on October 15th. Their purpose was to destroy all the houses a soon as possible to prevent any reoccupation. In a week they evicted and destroyed 8 squats.