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IGDCAST: Trump, Clinton, Russia, and US Intervention in Syria

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In the last several weeks, Trump has launched a series of strikes in Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen in an attempt to gather support from imperialists, war-hawks, and the mainstream media and also bounce back from plummeting poll numbers. In response, the corporate media applauded Trump for his attack on Syria while the Democrats continued to beat the drums of war with Russia. Meanwhile, forces within the Trump administration such as Steve Bannon push for open conflict with China and declare that a war is needed to reaffirm the authority of the State within the millennial generation.

Wanting to know more about what exactly is happening within the halls of power, the differences and similarities between the Obama and Trump administration, we turned to LibCom columnist Soapy to discuss US intervention, the interests at play, and the drive for war among the elites in both parties. We also discuss and critique the pro-war position of both the Democratic Party aligned mainstream media as well as Hillary supporters themselves.

More info: Soapy on twitter and LibCom

Music: Manu Chau, Coolio, and Rise Against

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