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German Antifa destroy neonazi’s apartment

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A group of German antifa invaded & destroyed the apartment of a well known right wing & neonazi activist with the name of Istvan Repaczki in Leipzig, Germany.

An unknown group claimed responsibility for this assault and posted this video + additional pictures online at a German Indymedia. The group claims this being a revenge attack for a coordinated neonazi attack on the district of “Connewitz” earlier this year (11th of January 2016) a well known left-wing & antifa stronghold in Leipzig.

Repaczki got arrested by riot police, together with several hundred other neo-nazis & hooligans, after invading the streets of Connewitz during a nightly assault, destroying dozends of shops, windows and firing fireworks & flares at houses & bystanders.

From the commiqué “While Repaczki was probably at the [local soccer] derby with his comrades, we paid a visit to his home. We took the opportunity to make the apartment uninhabitable with the large scale use of bitumen, the destruction of plumbing / toilet facilities, electrical appliances and other furnishings.