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Exile 2.0 – Chapter I

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Exile 2.0 follows the so-called Balkanroute from southeastern Turkey to Croatia, and features many autonomous, self-organized transit points along the way. The result is one of the most thorough and moving documents of the border crisis of 2015-2016 that shattered so many lives and permanently altered so many others, from the ground-level perspective often left out of much of the reporting around the crisis as it was happening.

Note from Antidone Zine

We present the English version here with the filmmaker’s conditional permission. Some of the people who appear here could be put at risk by the widespread exposure of their work, their faces and locations, something of which both they and Félix are painfully aware. But the internet is the internet, of course, and since Félix has posted the film in multiple places including his own blog (where the French version is also available), trusting his followers to be relatively discreet, we feel free to trust our followers just as far. Please share with the filmmaker’s intentions in mind: to help, not hurt, his subjects.

by: Félix Brassier