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“Defend this Forest” Documentary Trailer

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2011, 3 min

More info about this struggle here.

Serving as a microcosm for what’s happening to the entire planet, this film tells the story of a dedicated group of activists striving to fend off the destruction of a 700-acre forest to make way for a biotech park.  The first round of permits were issued to make way for Scripps’ biotech research park, and for construction of surrounding housing and retail development in the watershed of the Northeast Everglades bio-region.  On Valentine’s Day, 2011, member of Everglades Earth First! began what became a six-week tree sit with a huge banner visible, “DEFEND THIS FOREST”.  The banner, visible to thousands of commuters daily along I-95, became the symbol of a resistance that would inspire a new era in environmental action in the state of Florida.

To learn a more in depth account of Scripps, watch this
brief video
  from Everglades Earth First!

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