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Crash the Meeting!

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Once again the global pimps get together to split the pie and throw us crumbs. The G8 will meet one last time in Hunstville, Ontario to morph into the G20 who will meet in Toronto on June 26th and 27th. These are closed door meetings where our “democratically” elected leaders make decisions not just for the countries they represent, but for the world.

The gatherings against these meetings are of the utmost importance, not only because we tell these leaders that we do no recognize their authority, but because we show show solidarity with people power movements the world over. If you need a little convincing, my peeps out east, Testament and Illogik AKA Test Their Logik with a little help from Anarkid, cranked out this dope track and video to light insurgent fires under yo ass.

subMedia.TV will be on the streets covering the rebellions in Toronto this June, but we need a bit of cash cover our travel and expenses. So if you appreciate radical coverage from the streets of resistance, consider dropping us a couple of bucks.

Finally, we will be at the Allied Media Conference with the Vancouver Media Co-op and Pittsburgh Indymedia right before the Toronto street party.