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Around the Kettle

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Shit in Montréal has been getting hectic. If you watch my fuckin show you are already aware of the the ongoing student struggle for free education and theta way the pigs have been doing their master’s bidding to crush this movement. Between March and April, Montréal coppers mass arrested hundreds of people peacefully demonstrating against tuition hikes, police brutality and on April 5th, for the right to protest. In “Around the Kettle” Quebecois filmmaker, Moïse Marcoux-Chabot, captures the scene around this mass arrest a few weeks ago.

From the YouTube page:

April 5, 2013. In reaction to the repression of several recent protests, a gathering is organized against the the City of Montreal’s municipal P-6 bylaw and in support of the right to protest. The several hundred people gathered at Place Amilie-Gamelin are surrounded by a significant police apparatus as soon as they arrive. On the basis of bylaw P-6, the SPVM announce that the protest is “illegal”, that no criminal action will be tolerated and that, if necessary, protesters will receive a warning before crowd dispersal manoeuvres are undertaken.