The Stimulator

An archive spanning twelve years of dispatches from our foul-mouthed former news anchor. RIP Stim!

Plan C: Life After COP15

Some hard truths about what’s needed to avoid climate catastrophe … plus an interview with Marla Renn from the Olympic Resistance Network

12 Monkeys

Greek riots on the first anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigopoulous … plus an interview with Jacque, a forest defender from Humboldt Earth First!

Fighting Fascism

Pigs have been harassing anti-Olympic organizers in Van-shitty, fucks up on its branding, plus an interview with Derrick Jensen

What the Po’?

Peeps throw down against the G20 in Pittsburgh, students at UC Santa Cruz occupy their buildings … plus an interview with Kristian Williams, author of Our Enemies in Blue.

Sabotaging Capitalism

A look at direct action against oil and natural gas infrastructure, plus an interview with Chris Arsenault on the mothafuckin’ Tar Sands

Super Soak the Olympic Torch

A look at Obama’s plans in Colombia, repression in Honduras, plus an interview with Gord Hill of the Olympic Resistance Network

Blame Canada

A look at bombings of natural gas pipelines in Dawson, so-called “BC,” plus an interview with MacDonald Stainsby on the mothafuckin’ tar sands

Oh Bummer

Change you can’t believe in … plus an interview with Derrick Jensen

The Present Insurrection

EnCana pipelines keep getting bombed, and nobody knows whodunnit. Plus an interview with a movement lawyer.


A look at Iran’s so-called “Green Revolution,” plus an interview with Bruce Beavers, a resident of the Nickelsville tent city

The Hypocratic Party

Stim interviews Ward Churchill, author of Pacifism as Pathology, who breaks down Obama’s recent speech in Cairo.


An acronym-filled look at free trade agreements, plus an interview with anarchist archivist Alan Antliff


A look at the occupation of the New School in NY, plus an interview with Skidmark Bob of Radio Free Santa Cruz

Spring of Rage

Workers in France kidnap their fucking boss! Plus an interview with Heydon Prowse and Carmen Fishwick of Don’t Panic Magazine.

Goose Liver Revolution

Stim discovers the cure for cancer! Plus an interview with RNC8 member Rob and Lindsay from C.R.A.S.S.

Worldwide Slave Revolts!

Peeps around the world revolt against austerity … plus an interview with legendary hip hop artist Boots Riley, of the Coup

Ohhhhhhh Bama!

Stim pours some cold water on all the Obama worship … plus an interview with anarchist MMA fighter Jeff Munson.

Greece is the Word

Riots in Greece and Oakland, plus an interview with Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping

RNC Dispatch #5

Stim’s fifth dispatch from the 2008 RNC protests, featuring an interview with Dead Prez