The Stimulator

An archive spanning twelve years of dispatches from our foul-mouthed former news anchor. RIP Stim!

The Dominos Fall

Peeps occupy the capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin … plus an interview with video ninja Brandon Jourdon on the anarchist scene in Greece

Riot 2010, Part 2

Riots in the UK, Spain and Greece, plus an interview with an anonymous anarchist from Belarus

Riot 2010, Part 1

A fond look back at some of the high points of Riot 2010, plus an interview with Ottawa-based anarchist Matthew Morgan-Brown


Greeks riot in memory of Alexis Grigopolous, plus a report back from the recent COP climate change conference in Cancun.

I am Spartacus!

A look at worldwide student revolts, the end of the Kyoto agreement, and plans to hit up the COP 16 conference in Cancun

It’s Taco Time!

A look at the upcoming climate spectacle, the COP 16 Climate Clusterfuck in Cancun with El Cuchillo Turco

Right is Wrong

An interview with two members of the Israeli group Anarchists Against the Wall

We are the Insurgents

Avatar’s fucking racist! Plus, we have an interview with eco’tager Jeffrey Luers, fresh from the can!

Slingshots & Ponies

Forest defenders in Russia, COP15 activists found not guilty, plus an interview with Sebastian on the Chilean anarchist movement


More bad news on the climate front, plus an interview with author Anthony Fenton

Sugar Water

An update on resistance in Ireland, Russia and Nigeria, plus an interview with Toronto G20 arrestee Alex Hundert

The Revolution is Now!

subMedia’s final report from the Toronto G20 rebellion, including an interview with Kristian Williams

Welcome to KKKanada

Day 4 of the G20 rebellions in Toronto, including a report on the Indigenous Sovereignty march

Bacon Bitz

Day three of subMedia.TV’s G20 Rebellion coverage. Today, we bring you updates on the Canadian Police State, and we follow the Toxic Tour of Toronto.

G20 Queeruption

A report on the second day of the Toronto G20 rebellions, including the march for Queer Liberation

Foreclose This

Cross-dressing anti-police resistance in Peru, Israel attacks a flotilla to Gaza, plus an interview with Keith Sadler of Defend Toledo

The Resistance is Blowing Up!

An RBC branch in Ottawa gets firebombed … plus an interview with Peter Gelderloos, author of How Non-Violence Protects the State.

The Coming Intifada

A closer look at the Israeli colonial occupation of Palestine, featuring an interview with Rami Zurayk

Poor Fuckin’ Earth

The unmasking of Subcommandante Marcos, plus an interview with US squatter Steven Dicaprio

Shut Your Pie Hole

A look at the anarchist practice of pieing, plus an interview with Lierre Keith

Occupy Vancouver

A look at the Vancouver tent city occupation, part of the broader anti-Olympic revolt, featuring an interview with Harsha Walia

The Five Cockrings Died

A look back at the 2010 anti-Olympic resistance in Vancouver, featuring an epic speech by Gord Hill

The Olympigs are Here!

The militarized swine have started to arrive in Van-shitty for the 5 cockrings of death — plus an interview with Steevi, Tashdon & Vie, three students involved in recent university occupations in Cali