Um arquivo que abrange doze anos de reportagens de nosso antigo e desbocado âncora.
Descanse em paz Stim!

Observação: infelizmente, estes vídeos ainda não têm tradução para o português.

May Day

Tony Blair resigns … plus a look at the past and recent history of May Day.

Peak Oil

Stim looks ahead to the end of cheap petrolium and provides a sneak peak to a new documentary, The End of Suburbia.

We’re Watching You

Stim calls for peeps to move past petitions and embrace direct action … plus an interview with Scott Kellogg of the Rhizome Collective.

Free Geek

Stim explains his love of swear words and interviews David Repa of Free Geek.

Bottled Water Hell

Stim warns peeps living in coastal areas that they should learn to swim … plus an interview with Negar Elmien, a researcher at UBC, on the huge levels of waste created by the bottled water industry.

Tortilla Riots

Mexicans take to the streets over a taco tax, plus an interview with Justin Roller on the prospects of using hydrogen for renewable energy.

State of the Union

Stimulator breaks down Dubya’s State of the Union and interviews Conrad Schmidt of the Work Less Party.

Critical Mass

Stim argues with Bush about whether or not people should go shopping, and interviews Ifny about Critical Mass.


Whoa! We made it to episode two. This one is all about cars.