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Line 9, scarier than jail

…Since December, Line 9 and Line 7 have been shutdown and sabotaged four times. To support the Chippewas of the Thames supreme court challenge visits Download (HD – MP4)…

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

Brazil’s war on Anarchists

…several anarchists’ homes and social spaces were raided by the police in Porto Alegre, on the territories occupied by the Brazilian State. Computers, banners, books and bottles were seized. What…

Year 2017 Length 5 MINS

Shannon Defending the Skeena River

common understanding: respect for nature and aboriginal rights, in search of a sustainable future. In 2016 we spent 4 months along this “corridor of resistance” and found a lot of…

Year 2017 Length 8 MINS

The Stop at Madii Lii

Loading the player… Families stop for a coffee or a soup during the berry season; hunters pass through and leave something for the community: at Madii Lii camp everyone is…

Year 2017 Length 14 MINS

Kansas City Police Brutality

…brutality. In this video, a woman is assaulted by officers who have no respect for human dignity. If you know who the woman is, please contact them at [email protected].com…

Year 2017 Length 2 MINS

The Rebel Beat: Kiwi Illafonte

community organizer. He’s a former member of the seminal Bay-area Filipino-American groups Native Guns and Mass Bass. Our conversation touches on hip-hop as a powerful vehicle for self-expression, and anti-imperialist…

Year 2017 Length 72 MINS

Trouble # 5: You Are Being Watched

…information to the following article, published by NYC Antifa. Solidarity with those waging the struggle against fascism, in all its forms – subMedia Download HD * SD * OGV…

Year 2017 Length 34 MINS

Final Straw: August 19th Solidarity with Prisoners

…resistance supported by folks on the outside as well. More on IWOC can be found at and more about public call for the strike can be found at

Year 2017 Length 60 MINS