March 15th: Demo Against Police Brutality

The C.O.B.P. has been inviting all citizens to participate in demonstrations aiming to express anger towards the fact that the Quebec Police corps feeds off of repression, profiling and brutality. Each year, we issue several claims pertaining to the police’s intervention methods, their abuse and the impunity that is of second nature to their profession. This year is no exception : the Collectif Opposé à la Brutalité Policière invites you to take to the streets on March 15, 2018, in order to express by all means necessary our refusal to bow down to the colonial and capitalist authority that is the police. It is of utmost importance to highlight the fact that this demonstration will take place on unceded indigenous territory which the Quebec political class continues to think is an area that it governs.

The C.O.B.P is inviting you to Parc La Fontaine on March 15th for a « 5 à 7 » cocktail event where food will be served and where you can take the floor to express your opinions, followed at 7:30 pm by the actual annual demonstration against police brutality, which will also take off from Parc La Fontaine.