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Puerto Rico: SWAT team raids Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

Members of the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief collective, went to Puerto Rico, to help distribute food and water and to provide medical aid in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. On the morning of October 16th, their base of operations was raided by a SWAT team with the pretext that they were responding to a hostage situation

Year 2017 Length 1 MIN

Antifa Block Far-Right at US/Canada Border

On September 30th, anti-fascists converged to the Lacolle “US/Canada” border crossing to support migrants and to oppose far-right group Storm Alliance.

Year 2017 Length 2 MINS

Antifa Shutsdown Nazi March in Sweden

10.000 people gathered in central Gothenburg, Sweden to protest against the march of the nazi group NMR, the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Year 2017 Length 2 MINS

Indigenous People Invade Illegal Fish Farms

After 30 years of peaceful opposition, indigenous nations of western “Canada” have had enough and have begun occupations of illegal fish farms to disrupt their operations.

Year 2017 Length 3 MINS

These Women Sabotaged DAPL

Loading the player… On July 24, 2017, Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya publicly admitted to multiple acts of sabotage on the Dakota Access Pipeline. subMedia connected with them via Skype to find out their motivations and how they did it. LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW (MP3 9mb) READ THEIR STATEMENT Podcast: Play in new window… Read more »

Year 2017 Length 1 MIN

Welcome to Hell Strikes Back!

After a brutal start, the Welcome to Hell actions continued. People fought the cops, barricaded roads, and torched dozens of luxury cars.

Year 2017 Length 1 MIN