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Hamilton Rent Strike Storms the Courthouse

On July 3rd, tenants from the Stoney Creek Towers were dragged before the Landlord & Tenant Board, as their landlords were trying to force them to pay rent.

Year 2018 Length 1 MIN

Des antifascistes empêchent l’extrême droite de marcher

Le 1er juillet, le groupe d’extrême droite La Meute avait prévu de tenir sa “plus grande et meilleure manif” à Montréal. Des antifascistes les ont encerclés et empêchés de marcher en les gardant coincés entre deux coins de rue.

Year 2018 Length 1 MIN

Abolish ICE

Loading the player… East Bay organized an Abolish ICE! event at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services building in San Francisco. Over 200 people showed up including various speakers and musicians along with representatives and members of organizations in the Bay Area. Demonstrators surrounded over half of the building which takes up an entire city… Read more »

Year 2018 Length 1 MIN

Anti-Fascists Shut Down Far-Right Group

On July 1st, far right group La Meute planned to hold their “largest and best rally ever” in Montreal. Anti-fascists outnumbered them, surrounded them, and prevented them from marching by keeping them confined to a single block.

Year 2018 Length 1 MIN

East Hamilton Rent Strike Crashes Bay Street

On Friday June 15th, striking tenants from the Stoney Creek Towers traveled to Bay Street, Toronto’s financial district to pay a visit to the head offices of their landlord’s largest investor.

Year 2018 Length 1.5 Mins

Faith Goldy’s Racist Pals

Alt-Right blogger Faith Goldy, called for a demo at Roxham Road, a site where migrants cross irregularly into Canada to escape Trump’s America. While claiming that she and her friends are simply against “illegal immigration”, this video reveals the racist and white supremacist character of many of those who attended Goldy’s march.

Year 2018 Length 1 MIN

Deux statues de la reine Victoria sont vandalisées à Montréal

18 mai 2018, Montréal – Quelques jours avant la Fête datée et insultante commémorant la reine Victoria, deux statues importantes érigées en hommage à la reine Victoria furent vandalisées pendant la nuit du 17 au 18 mars à Montréal.

Year Length

Two Queen Victoria statues vandalized in Montreal

On the morning of May 18, 2018, subMedia anonymously received a video and communiqué in advance of the Victoria Day long weekend holiday in Canada and Quebec. We have put together a video report about recent actions against colonial statues in Montreal.

Year 2018 Length 1 MIN

MAY DAY 2018 Montreal: Anarchists Attack Police

On May Day, the CLAC, or anti-capitalist convergence, started their demo at Parc LaFontaine in Montreal. People took the sidewalks to prevent the cops from flanking the demo. About 5 minutes in, shit kicked off! Anarchists attacked police with rocks, bricks, flags, and fireworks.

Year 2018 Length 1 MIN