Video Ninjas

Indigenous Anti-Tar Sands Alliance

Over 50 indigenous communities in the US and Canada, signed a historic pact to stop the expansion of Canada’s Tar Sands oil extraction project.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

Paris Cops on Fire

People in the French Capital, rioted for the 6th straight month and attacked police with Molotov cocktails, setting several of them on fire.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

Community self-defense Athens Style

The fascist political party L.E.P.E.N. was gearing up to open its doors on September 18th, the same day that Antifa rapper Killah P was murdered by neo-nazis. A large crew of Antifa comrades went to the new L.E.P.E.N. HQ and demolished it.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

Montreal’s Anti-Pipeline Resistance

A week of Anti-Pipeline resistance kicked off with a disruption of the meetings of the National Energy Board which seeks to approve the Energy East Pipeline, a project that aims to transport oil from Alberta’s Tar Sands to the East Coast.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

Hundreds of Minks Freed

According to a communique, people broke into the Lichty Mink Fur Farm, and opened the tiny cages where hundreds of minks were confined, setting them free.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

Imperial Metals Occupied

Women from the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society and Ancestral Pride occupy the offices of Imperial Metals, in so called Vancouver.

Year 2016 Length 1.5 MINS