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Vengeance for George Floyd

Following the police murder of George Floyd, the streets of Minneapolis have erupted into some of the most intense riots the US has seen in years.

Year 2020 Length 1 MIN

Free Them All

On Tuesday April 14th, inspired by similar actions in the US, a group of people drove their cars to Barton jail for a public noise demo. Several people returned that night. Spaced out from one another, they formed a decentralized crowd that flashed lights and shot off fireworks to let the prisoners know they’re not alone.

Year 2020 Length 1 Min

Raid on Tyendinaga

On February 24th, the OPP raided the camp at Wynam Road, established in Tyendinaga Mohawk territory in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs.

Year 2020 Length 1 Min

Toronto Blocks the Rails

On Saturday Feb 15th, around 50 people snuck onto some train tracks in Vaughan, Ontario (just north of Toronto) and shut down the second biggest rail yard in Canada. They were soon joined by a large crowd of supporters who helped hold down the blockade for the rest of the day.

Year 2020 Length 1 MIN

When All Else Fails, Wet’suwet’en Supporters Block the Rails

In the week following the RCMP invasion of Wet’suwet’en territories supporters have risen up and #ShutDownCanada. Some of the most effective solidarity actions have come in the form of rail blockades that have paralyzed the national economy.

Year 2020 Length 2.5 Mins

Rush Hour Solidarity Blockade

Blockade of Montreal rush hour traffic in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders.

Year 2020 Length 00:42

Riots in Puerto Rico

Over the last week, riots have erupted in San Juan, Boriken (Puerto Rico). After government corruption and conversations leaked to the public, people have taken their rage to the Governor’s mansion and fought it out in the streets with the police.

Year 2019 Length 1 min