Video Ninjas

Hiladi Village

Hiladi Village is a traditional village site of the Ma’amtagila people. This unceded land and is in the process of being reclaimed.

Year 2021 Length 5 mins

Free Sean Swain!

On August 13th, longtime anarchist prisoner Sean Swain is going up in front of the parole board. Sean has been behind bars for 30 years. It’s time for him to be released.

Year 2021 Length 1 min

Iran: The Uprising of the Thirsty

On July 15th 2021, people took to the streets in the Iranian province of Khouzestan to protest against the lack of water due to government mismanagement.

Year 2021 Length 2.5 Mins

Cancel Canada

As the remains of more Native kids continue to be discovered at the sites of former Residential Schools, this so-called Canada Day offers a time for reflection and a recommitment to the dismantling of the Canadian state.

Year 2021 Length 2.5 Mins

Solidarity with Tigray: Week of Action

This May Day, comrades from the Horn Anarchists are calling for a week of international solidarity actions to put pressure on the Ethiopian regime to end the military occupation of Tigray.

Year 2021 Length 2.5 Mins

Fighting Together

Whenever there are social uprisings there are attempts by those in power to spread mistrust and discord among the people fighting back. To preserve our collective power we must learn to fight together.

Year 2020 Length 2:19

Uprisings: The Week After George Floyd

In the week following the murder of George Floyd by four white cops, uprisings have sprung up across america and around the world.

Year 2020 Length 2 min

Vengeance for George Floyd

Following the police murder of George Floyd, the streets of Minneapolis have erupted into some of the most intense riots the US has seen in years.

Year 2020 Length 1 MIN

Free Them All

On Tuesday April 14th, inspired by similar actions in the US, a group of people drove their cars to Barton jail for a public noise demo. Several people returned that night. Spaced out from one another, they formed a decentralized crowd that flashed lights and shot off fireworks to let the prisoners know they’re not alone.

Year 2020 Length 1 Min