Trouble Extras

Counterinsurgency as a State Philosophy

Counterinsurgency as a state philosophy has been used to crush uprisings before they even happen by pacifying movements and managing conflict to ensure the stability and continuity of governance. We spoke to anarchist author Peter Gelderloos to understand more.

Year 2017 Length 43 mins

Prohibition; Tool of Social Control

Dawn Paley, author of Drug War Capitalism, talks to us about the current situation in Mexico, the Merida initiative, and the drug war more broadly as a counter-revolutionary project.

Year 2017 Length 25 mins

Internet Battleground

Jeremy Hammond has demonstrated that the internet is another front of the anarchist struggle. We spoke to him from federal prison to learn more about some of tactics used by hackers, their role in a revolutionary struggle, the case against him, and decentralized hacker collectives.

Year 2017 Length 11 mins