Trouble Extras

Accomplice Audio: Gentrification Part 2

Parc Extension, a neighbourhood in so-called Montreal, is facing development projects that could seriously gentrify the area. Real estate companies see a lot of potential in the market for university student apartments in an area that is home to predominantly working class people of color. People living in the area are directly resisting the transformation… Read more »

Year Length

Silvia Federici Extended Interview

Silvia Federici is an Italian feminist and writer whose work within political movements has vastly shaped the landscape for radicals, anti-capitalists and anti-authoritarians today.

Year 2018 Length 1 Hour

Accomplice-Extended Interview

We spoke with Alex Holz, who was involved in the Rhodes Must Fall student movement, about South Africa today, the beginning of the movement, the Rainbow Nation mythology, and a whole lot more.

Year 2018 Length 20 mins

Policing America

Militarized and community policing tend to be discussed as separate approaches to policing. Kristian Williams explains that both were developed at the same time and in parallel to each other.

Year 2017 Length 32 mins

Post Hurricane Collectives in Puerto Rico

Jorge Diaz tells us more about the lack of aid by the Government in Puerto Rico and how decentralized autonomous collectives began to practice mutual-aid.

Year 2017 Length 16 mins