Syria & Rojava: A Tale of Two Revolutions

In this report we look at anarchists sometimes uncritical approach towards the Rojavan Revolution, and consider Arab opposition to the Kurd’s plans to link their three liberated cantons.

Year 2016 Length 4 MINS

The Left’s Failure in Syria

A look at the Syrian Revolution and subsequent civil war, and western leftists’ almost pathological inability to support the revolutionaries who rose up to overthrow a dictator and were faced by an overwhelming campaign of brutal repression.

Year 2016 Length 8 MINS

Requiem for Syria

An in-depth look at the Syrian Revolution that attempts to sift through all the fear-mongering and disinformation that prevents people from giving Syrians the revolutionary solidarity they deserve.

Year 2016 Length 26.5 MINS

Paris Cops on Fire

People in the French Capital, rioted for the 6th straight month and attacked police with Molotov cocktails, setting several of them on fire.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

Community self-defense Athens Style

The fascist political party L.E.P.E.N. was gearing up to open its doors on September 18th, the same day that Antifa rapper Killah P was murdered by neo-nazis. A large crew of Antifa comrades went to the new L.E.P.E.N. HQ and demolished it.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

What is Mutual Aid?

In a world ruled by ceaseless capitalist competition, where people are pitted to work against each other, anarchists offer a different vision: Mutual Aid.

Year 2016 Length 5.5 MINS

Montreal’s Anti-Pipeline Resistance

A week of Anti-Pipeline resistance kicked off with a disruption of the meetings of the National Energy Board which seeks to approve the Energy East Pipeline, a project that aims to transport oil from Alberta’s Tar Sands to the East Coast.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

Hundreds of Minks Freed

According to a communique, people broke into the Lichty Mink Fur Farm, and opened the tiny cages where hundreds of minks were confined, setting them free.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN