Women lockdown TransNord Pipeline

Women concerned about the threat to potable water are currently blocking access to a valve on a pipeline that has been condemned by two dissenting members of the National Energy Board (NEB).

Year 2016 Length 1.5 MINS

Liberals React to Trump

In the wake of the 2016 Presidential elections, liberals are freaking out in spectacular ways, and falling over one another to assign blame for Trump’s surprise victory.

Year 2016 Length 4 min

Trump: What How What

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump, many peeps are freaking the fuck out. Well, step back, take a breath and watch our analysis.

Year 2016 Length 23 MINS


Video call out for the disruption of Trump’s inauguration

Year 2016 Length 2 MIN

Montreal #NoDAPL Solidarity

Over a thousand people invade the streets of Montreal to stand with Standing Rock.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

Gentrification is Scary

On Halloween night a crew of 100 peeps in costumes marched against gentrification in the Montreal neighborhood of Hochelaga.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

#NoDAPL: War on Water

As the Dakota Access Pipeline reaches the Missouri river Warriors and Water Protectors built a bridge so that they can block construction on the other side of the river.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

#NODAPL, the time to act is now!

Loading the player… 2016, 1.5 min An urgent callout for support has been issued on several fronts of the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipelines. If you have the means to go there, the time is now! Visit the sites below to plug in Download (HD – MP4)

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Oil Pipelines are easy to shutdown

In less than a year seven oil pipelines in the US and Canada have been shutdown by climate activists, costing oil companies millions. Here’s how they did it.

Year 2016 Length 1.5 MINS