¡Hasta la pasta compañerxs!

Some idiot somewhere once said that all good things have to come to an end. But why? Who the fuck knows? Anyway… enjoy the last fuckin show!

Year 2016 Length 25 MINS

What is Class?

Class struggle, the struggle within and against capitalism, is an intrinsic guiding force of anarchist theory and practice. This video looks at the relationship which gives rise to this struggle.

Year 2016 Length 7 MINS


Over the years, slaves everywhere have asked me questions that I haven’t had time to answer. Well… now’s your chance!

Year 2016 Length 2 MINS

How To Burn An American Flag

In light of Trump’s tweet stating that flag burning should be criminalized, we give you a step by step on how to properly torch the stars and stripes.

Year 2016 Length 1.5 MINS


Around a dozen people shut down the train tracks in Montreal on Tuesday, as a motion of solidarity with the Indigenous-led struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Year 2016 Length 1 MIN

Rednecks Should Revolt

An interview with Conor and Beth, two members of Redneck Revolt, on how white supremacy operates in the United Snakes, and what organizing strategies white revolutionaries should be following in order to smash it.

Year 2016 Length 7 MINS