Meet the Stimulator

The very first episode, featuring the birth of the Stimulator.

Year 2006 Length 8 MINS

Veg My Ride

Loading the player… 2006, 80 min “Veg my Rid” is a D.I.Y. Instructional video that teaches how to convert a diesel vehicle to run on waste fryer oils for pennies a gallon. In this video, VegEnergy’s Robert Del Bueno walks you through the process, step by step, of converting a diesel passenger car (mid 80’s… Read more »

Year 2006 Length 80 MINS

Erasing Eminem

Loading the player… 2006, 1 Minute Download So it rained for 40 days and 40 nights in British Columbia. I spent the time in my basement studio, wearing nothing but my robe and slippers (my wife loved it), erasing Eminem. OK, let me rewind. Around the new year, I came across a design collective called… Read more »

Year 2005 Length 1 MIN

9 questions with Mark Achbar

Loading the player… 2005, 4 mins We met up with Mark Achbar, director of ‘The Corporation’ for a walk around downtown Vancouver and talked about his film, his shoes and Stanley Kubrick.

Year Length

From the fry daddy to your car

Loading the player… Man or Astroman? bass player, Robert del Bueno, makes diesel out of used grease. Find out how and the economic, and political implications of this home grown fuel.

Year 2005 Length 5 MINS

Join the Resistance: Fall in Love

Loading the player… subMedia’s interpretation of chapter ‘L is for Love’ from the CrimethInc classic, ‘Days of Love, Nights of War‘. Falling in love is the ultimate act of revolution, of resistance to today’s tedious, socially restrictive, culturally constrictive, humanly meaningless world. Love transforms the world. Where the lover formerly felt boredom, he now feels… Read more »

Year 2004 Length 17 MINS