Civilization! – *Some Restrictions Apply

Loading the player…   2007, 3 min Some of the best shit out. Hilarious DIY piece. I tracked the filmmaker down and he hadn’t even heard of Derrick Jensen or Daniel Quinn, but by golly, the script sounds like it could have been written by them. Once I get a full-rez version I’ll post to… Read more »

Year Length

Oil Pimpin’

Speculation in the oil and food industries drive prices higher…. plus an interview with Jim Kunstler.

Year 2008 Length 10 MINS

Act Up

Stim ponders what would happen if Bush died, plus an interview with ACT UP veteran Rob Nixon.

Year 2008 Length 11 MINS

Ward Churchill

Stim keeps watching the price of oil go up… plus an interview with Ward Churchill.

Year 2007 Length 11 MINS

World War III

Stim ponders on the effects of WWIII… plus an interview with Ecoreality’s Jan Steinman.

Year 2007 Length 11 MINS

Brother Ali

The war on terror, torture, the end of habeus corpus…. plus an interview with radical hip hop artist Brother Ali.

Year 2007 Length 10.5 MINS

Emery Bin Tokin

Stim takes a look at melting glaciers and interviews the Prince of Pot, Mark Emery.

Year 2007 Length 10 MINS

The great toilet conspiracy

Stim counts down the last 500 days of Bush… plus an interview with John Paul Ringo, who explains the Great Toilet Conspiracy.

Year 2007 Length 11 MINS

Direct Action

Stim plays “spot the pig”… plus an interview with Ana from the Anti-Povety Committee.

Year 2007 Length 8 MINS