Letter to the Future President #147

Loading the player…   2008, 3 min I was going to do a totally different remix, but when I was combing through McCain and Obama speeches, they both reminded me of something I have heard before. So I went back to Bush’s 2007 State of the Union and BAM! See for yourself. I have yet… Read more »

Year Length


Gas prices are through the mothafuckin roof…. plus, Carla Magnuson from the National Lawyers Guild explains what your rights are when dealing with the fuzz.

Year 2008 Length 11 MINS

Eco-Defense or Eco Terrorism?

Oil prices set a new fuckin record… plus an interview with Mike Becker, author of Igniting a Revolution.

Year 2008 Length 15 MINS

Crash Crash Crash

Stim pines for a global economic crash, and reviews the film Matewan…. plus an interview with Randy Rowland of Pepperspray Productions.

Year 2008 Length 15 MINS

Endorsing Hillary Clinton

Stim endorses Hillary for prez… plus an interview with Anne Elizabeth Moore, author of Unmarketable.

Year 2008 Length 12 MINS

Virtual Jihadi

Stim celebrates 30 episodes, and interviews Iraqi video game designer Wafaa Bilal.

Year 2008 Length 11 MINS

Elves in Seattle

The ELF hits Seattle, Bush puts his foot in his mouth… plus a look at radical independent media.

Year 2008 Length 9 MINS

Tha muthafuckin tar Sands

Bush has nothing to say about the price of oil, eco-defenders celebrate victory in Vancouver Island, plus an interview with Boots Riley of the Coup.

Year 2008 Length 10.5 MINS

Garbage Wars

Italy’s overflowing with garbage… plus an homage to the late Bill Hicks.

Year 2008 Length 12 MINS