Uprisings: The Week After George Floyd

In the week following the murder of George Floyd by four white cops, uprisings have sprung up across america and around the world.

Year 2020 Length 2 min

Hands off Exarchia: New Democracy’s War on Anarchists

For months now, anarchists have been dealing with an increase of repression from the far-right government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who has been targeting squats as part of his plan to ‘take back’ Exarchia.

Year 2020 Length 5 Mins

Trouble #23: Prelude to a Disaster

Trouble 23 takes a closer look at climate change, its implications, and the shortcomings of the mainstream environmental movement.

Year 2019 Length 37 Mins

Stim’s Last Stand

Stim’s back with one more final mothafuckin episode of ITEOTWAWKIAIFF

Year 2019 Length 27 Mins

Pebble Mine & The Battle for Bristol Bay

If completed, the proposed Pebble mine would be the largest open pit mine in Turtle Island, and would endanger the salmon that feed 32 Native tribal communities in and around Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Year 2019 Length 2 Mins

Parkdale vs Timbercreek

On March 13th, tenants from Parkdale paid a visit to their new landlord, Timbercreek Asset Management

Year 2019 Length 2 Mins