Stop the Flows

Women lockdown TransNord Pipeline

Women concerned about the threat to potable water are currently blocking access to a valve on a pipeline that has been condemned by two dissenting members of the National Energy Board (NEB).

Year 2016 Length 1.5 MINS

Pipelines in Bernie-Land

Did you know that there is a fracked gas pipeline currently under construction in Vermont? But how could this be happening in the land of Bernie?

Year 2016 Length 2.5 MINS

Raising Resistance – Global Day of Action re-cap #nopipelines

Today Unist’ot’en allies are rising up in cities across North America, and around the world, to deliver a message to industry and government warning them to cease their trespass against sovereign Wet’suwet’en territory.

Year 2012 Length 3 MINS

Oil Gateway

his dispatch we look at how members of the Unist’ot’en clan are per-empting the construction of 4 pipelines through their traditional territories.

Year 2011 Length 9 MINS