Rebel Beat Radio – Brother Ali

Our special guest on the show this month is the veteran Minneapolis underground rapper Brother Ali! Brother Ali is a mainstay of the venerated RhymeSayers label, and a true legend in the game.

Year 2017 Length 75 MINS

Burning Cop Car #3

This one goes out to all the peeps who held it down in Hamburg during the G20 rebellions. Make plans to come to Klanada next year for the G7! Stay tuned for deets!

Year 2017 Length 32 MINS

Burning Cop Car #2

Well summer it’s finally here and it’s time to burn some cars! I mean, it’s time to get your ass in shape, cause there’s nazis to punch and a capitalist system to overthrow.

Year 2017 Length 33 MINS

Trouble # 4: No Justice… Just Us

In this episode of Trouble, we interview a number of individuals engaged in legal defence and prisoner solidarity, and look at some of the ways we can begin to build movements that are more resilient in the face of state repression.

Year 2017 Length 31.5 MINS

The Rebel Beat: Kiwi Illafonte

On this latest edition of The Rebel Beat for June, 2017, we meet Kiwi Illafonte. Kiwi is a California-born, Montreal-based radical Filipino hip-hop MC, graphic designer, and community organizer. He’s a former member of the seminal Bay-area Filipino-American groups Native Guns and Mass Bass.

Year 2017 Length 72 MINS

Final Straw: Defend J20 Resistance

In this week’s episode we feature two interviews. In the first, we spoke with Em, a supporter of the mass arrestees from the January 20th inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington DC earlier this year.

Year 2017 Length 60 MINS

Anti/Fascism in the USA

In this 40 minute talk, US anti-fascist researcher Spencer Sunshine, breaks down the tapestry of white supremacist groups in the USA, and their meteoric rise since Trump got elected.

Year 2017 Length 40 MINS

Refugees Welcome – Trailer

What if you had to risk everything to escape war? Would there be strangers on the other side, willing to help you and you family to safety?

Year 2017 Length 2 MINS