Jam the Pipeline

New mash-up by CointeLulz jamming disinformation from TransCanda about the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Year 2014 Length 3 MINS


Feel of poppies reminds us of the need to break from digital consumption in order to realize our true desires. Words by A. Person, music and edit by Jordan B.

Year 2013 Length 7 MINS

Free Tar Sands B-Roll

Some anti-copyright footage of THA MUTHAFUCKIN TAR SANDS to use in your productions.

Year 2013 Length 10.5 MINS

Direct Action stops Utah Tar Sands

Loading the player…   The fight against the muthafuckin tar sands has intensified in the US Empire. Greedy land destroyers want to bleed the earth out of the last bits of oils, that are encrusted in the soil, this time in Utah. But the Muthafuckin resistance was there to greet the corporate death machine and… Read more »

Year 2013 Length 3.5 MINS


The importance of taking the streets is the driver behind this powerful animated short. By Sarah Quirion

Year 2013 Length 3 MINS