Big Brother State

Loading the player… 2008, 4 min Another great motion graphics informational piece. I first thought it was a Knife Party production but it’s done by Hues For Alice in Germany. They had a website but it’s been down. I’d love to see more by these folks. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (48.9MB) |… Read more »

Year Length

Isle of Flowers

Loading the player… A bizarre but oh so real Brazilian film about how our world works. I would love to get my hands on a good copy of this.

Year 1989 Length 10 MINS

300 This is Revisionism

Loading the player… 2008, 5 min 300 This is Revisionism (2008) is a remix of the film “300,” about the Spartans and the Battle of Thermopylae. Our remix is a short video that deconstructs the archetypes used to tell the story in 300 by comparing how these same characterizations of GOOD and EVIL have been… Read more »

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Civilization! – *Some Restrictions Apply

Loading the player…   2007, 3 min Some of the best shit out. Hilarious DIY piece. I tracked the filmmaker down and he hadn’t even heard of Derrick Jensen or Daniel Quinn, but by golly, the script sounds like it could have been written by them. Once I get a full-rez version I’ll post to… Read more »

Year Length

The Story of Stuff

Loading the player… A Pretty cool movie about where our useless shit comes from. This one is perfect for mom and dad and the Tommy and Mary. Too bad these folks still believe in capitalism. Website Podcast: Play in new window | Download (54.0MB)

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An amazing bike indeed.

Loading the player… 2007, 2 min A bicycle that carries and filters water at the same time.

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‘What Barry Says’

Loading the player… 2005, 2.5 mins Simon Robson explains why in his view the war on terror is actually a campaign against opposition of US domination, led by weapon manufacturers.

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Bush Boys

Loading the player… 2005, 5 min Before ‘Fahrenheit 911’ subMedia got a hold of this gem by an anonymous CNN employee who has access to their massive media library. The soundtrack provided by much talked about Danger Mouse and lyrics by Jemini.

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