Greece’s Uncertain Future

This short documentary looks at the current social crisis in Greece, the growth of alternative economies, general strikes, and the rise of the anti-fascist movement.

Year 2012 Length 10 MINS

Riot Helmet Cam Athens

Helmet cam during the September 26, 2012 general strike/riots in Athens

Year 2012 Length 10 MINS

Raise your Fist!

This video contains approximately 360 images from the Interference Archive and the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative and was compiled by Shaun Slifer.

Year 2012 Length 1.5 MINS

Democracy’s Bankrupt

Loading the player… Following their Debut Album “A” Test Their Logik is proud to present “Democracy’s Bankrupt”. This gritty aggressive anti-voting anthem is a timely first single off their upcoming album “Be” which officially drops December 21st. Produced by the indignants .    

Year 2012 Length 5 MINS