Free Sean Swain!

On August 13th, longtime anarchist prisoner Sean Swain is going up in front of the parole board. Sean has been behind bars for 30 years. It’s time for him to be released.

Year 2021 Length 1 min

Uprisings: The Week After George Floyd

In the week following the murder of George Floyd by four white cops, uprisings have sprung up across america and around the world.

Year 2020 Length 2 min

Abolish ICE

Loading the player… East Bay organized an Abolish ICE! event at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services building in San Francisco. Over 200 people showed up including various speakers and musicians along with representatives and members of organizations in the Bay Area. Demonstrators surrounded over half of the building which takes up an entire city… Read more »

Year 2018 Length 1 MIN

Campus Resistance to the Alt-Right

Back in 2017, when Milo tried coming to UC Berkeley, anarchists and students rioted to have the event shut down. The message was clear: no platform for fascist discourse.

Year 2018 Length 1.5 mins

Fighting Displacement In Oaxaca

The Zapotec people of Tilzapote are fighting developers who are trying to kick them off their lands.

Year 2017 Length 4.5 Mins


Le Canada est-il vraiment aussi accueillant pour les migrants qu’il prétend l’être? Dans l’ombre des frontières démonte ce mythe et, à l’aide de nombreux récits personnels de détentions, de privations de services essentiels, d’exploitation et d’expulsions, montre à quel pointla vie des personnes sans statut au Canada est marquée par la précarité

Year 2015 Length 37 MINS


¿Canadá realmente les da la bienvenida a los migrantes de la manera en que se afirma? A través de relatos personales sobre detención, denegación de servicios esenciales, explotación laboral y deportación, En la Sombra de la Cerca cuestiona este mito y revela las dificultades que atraviesan quienes no poseen un estatus legal.

Year 2015 Length 37 MINS

We are #1

We are number 1 featuris scenes from all around the world, including South Korean protesters using a flamethrower against riot police, hand to hand combat, Molotov attacks, and even farmers in Brussels plowing police lines with a tractor, this edition has it all.

Year 2017 Length 2 MINS

Anarchists storm the greek parliament

Anarchists broke off from larger demonstrations to hurl molotov cocktails outside Greece’s parliament, as lawmakers passed new austerity measures required for the country’s economic bailout.

Year 2017 Length 6 MINS