Crash the Meeting!

Loading the player… Once again the global pimps get together to split the pie and throw us crumbs. The G8 will meet one last time in Hunstville, Ontario to morph into the G20 who will meet in Toronto on June 26th and 27th. These are closed door meetings where our “democratically” elected leaders make decisions… Read more »

Year 2010 Length 4 MINS

Letter to the Future President #147

Loading the player…   2008, 3 min I was going to do a totally different remix, but when I was combing through McCain and Obama speeches, they both reminded me of something I have heard before. So I went back to Bush’s 2007 State of the Union and BAM! See for yourself. I have yet… Read more »

Year Length


Loading the player… I finally found a new clip worthy of our front page. This dope and timely track comes from TIMZ, an Iraqi American rapper from San Diego. Go to our front page for a gorgeous MPEG 4 version that’ll work in your iPod or PSP.

Year 2007 Length 3 MINS

Erasing Eminem

Loading the player… 2006, 1 Minute Download So it rained for 40 days and 40 nights in British Columbia. I spent the time in my basement studio, wearing nothing but my robe and slippers (my wife loved it), erasing Eminem. OK, let me rewind. Around the new year, I came across a design collective called… Read more »

Year 2005 Length 1 MIN

Bush Boys

Loading the player… 2005, 5 min Before ‘Fahrenheit 911’ subMedia got a hold of this gem by an anonymous CNN employee who has access to their massive media library. The soundtrack provided by much talked about Danger Mouse and lyrics by Jemini.

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