The uncompromising #hiphop of Calle 13

Calle 13 is a rap group that takes their name form “street 13” in the Conquistador neighborhood in Puerto Rico. This track is Querido FBI, or “Dear FBI”, an angry tirade against the federales, after they murdered fugitive bank robbing revolutionary, and local hero, Filiberto Ojeda, in a Ruby Ridge style shootout.

Year 2007 Length 4 MINS

Democracy’s Bankrupt

Following their Debut Album “A” Test Their Logik is proud to present “Democracy’s Bankrupt”. This gritty aggressive anti-voting anthem is a timely first single off their upcoming album “Be” which officially drops December 21st. Produced by the indignants .    

Year 2012 Length 5 MINS

Run Kanye out of Town

Anarcho rapper Testament disses Jay Z and Kanye West on this oldie but goodie.

Year 2012 Length 5 MINS

Rap News 11: Australia Day

Australia Day. It’s a day of high jinx, high revelry and high people in Australia; a day when a large and vocal majority come together to “celebrate what’s great” about this country.

Year 2012 Length 4 MINS

Conspiracy Rap

Anarchist rap duo Test their Logik give the finger to Canadian law enforcement with their new track “Conspiracy Rap”

Year 2012 Length 5 MINS

Crash the Meeting!

Once again the global pimps get together to split the pie and throw us crumbs. The G8 will meet one last time in Hunstville, Ontario to morph into the G20 who will meet in Toronto on June 26th and 27th. These are closed door meetings where our “democratically” elected leaders make decisions not just for… Read more »

Year 2010 Length 4 MINS