Odessa Kane “GPT

Odessa Kane’s “GPT” Directed by Bambu, shot and edited by Jerick Carino, this clip takes place in an undisclosed location somewhere in San Diego’s Southeast and asks the question “Who are the real gangsters?”

Year 2016 Length 5 MINS

Trap News: The Farce Awakens

History has shown us that voting on elections accomplishes next to nothing, and that real lasting revolutionary change is won through hard work, by real people self organizing, and not by elected politicians. Yet every four years, the spectacle of the Democrats VS Republicans entices millions and makes them forget these proven facts. Trap News is our friendly (and funny, we hope) reminder of this.

Year 2016 Length 9 MINS

8 Dollar Smoothie

Jared Paul’s latest video, 8 Dollar Smoothie from the album Get my Ghost.

Year 2015 Length 3.5 MINS

Burning Cop Car #1

Our contribution to the Interference Archive’s “If a Song Could be Freedom” series.

Year 2015 Length 26 MINS

Six is Nine

Jarred Paul rocks “Six is Nine” from what looks like a living room show, pushing us to smash the banks while rejecting liberals who “talk shit then run and hide”.

Year 2013 Length 4 MINS