Resist or Die!

Straight talk by journalist Dahr Jamail on the dire state of the planet, Naomi Klein’s “solutions” and the climate movements that inspire him.

Year 2015 Length 9.5 MINS

Tweet Wars

An interview with Revolution News’ Erin Gallagher about the use of Twitter-bots in Mexico.

Year 2015 Length 6 MINS

Remembering the Normalistas

One year since the disappearance of the 43 Normalista students, we replay our earlier report, plus an interview with journalist Andalucia Knoll.

Year 2015 Length 6 MINS

What’s going on in Ecuador?

An exclusive interview with Carlos Perez Guartambel president of ECUARUNARI, Ecuador’s largest indigenous organization.

Year 2015 Length 7 MINS

Parsing the acronyms

This week we bring you a comrade from Turkey, who will help us unravel the complexity of the current insurrection in Turkey.

Year 2015 Length 8.5 MINS