France’s Growing Insurrection

France’s #NuitDebout has been compared to the #Occupy and #M15 movements. But there’s a clear difference.

Year 2016 Length 4.5 MINS

Apocalypse Trump

Our two cents on human sphincter, Donald Trump.

Year 2016 Length 5 MINS

Everything Must Fall!

Recently, shit has been popping off in South Africa, with students across the country taking to the streets to demand free education.

Year 2016 Length 10 MINS

What’s going on in South Africa?

For about a year now, a powerful student movement rocked the post-apartheid nation and forced the president to back down on university tuition fees.

Year 2016 Length 4 MINS

Why Resist the TPP

Did you know that under the TPP you can go to jail for downloading movies?

Year 2016 Length 6 MINS

Building Dual Power

American anarchist Scott Crow helps us to deconstruct the trap of electoral politics

Year 2016 Length 6 MINS


Stim’s not feeling the Bern.

Year 2016 Length 5 MINS

The solution to the financial crisis

We know that The Stimulator is no economist, but we think his solution to the financial crisis is pretty cutting edge

Year 2016 Length 5.5 MINS