Long Live the Oaxaca Commune!

An homage to the Oaxaca Commune, one of the most epic chapters in the annals of contemporary revolt.

Year 2016 Length 6 MINS

Pick a Side

A look at the increasing polarization in the United Snakes, plus a sneak peak of an interview with Paul from All Out Atlanta.

Year 2016 Length 5 MINS

Fortress Europe Locks the Door

Just one year after Europe opened its doors to refugees fleeing the war in Syria, it has closed them back up.

Year 2016 Length 6 MINS


A replay of our unfortunately still-relevant 2010 interview with Peter Gelderloos, author of How Non-Violence Protects the State.

Year 2010 Length 9.5 MINS

Why Are French Youth In Revolt?

We interview members of French anarchist collective D├ęsaffiliation to try and figure out why French youth are so fuckin pissed.

Year 2016 Length 5 MINS