Slavery in the USA

Loading the player… Did you know that the cup that holds your Starbucks latte or the meat patty in your Big Mac was probably produced by a prisoner? Yep many corporations take advantage of the legal slave labor pool in the USA, with prison slave being paid pennies an hour to make everything from furniture… Read more »

Year 2016 Length 4 MINS

Countering Insurgency

An interview with Cleveland-based author and anarchist strategist, Tom Nomad, where he explains the principles of state counter-insurgency strategy.

Year 2016 Length 10 MINS

Trumped at the RNC

A retrospective look at the 2016 RNC in Cleveland, where despite a heavy forecast of riots and clashes between pro and anti-Trump supporters, the streets remained relatively calm.

Year 2016 Length 4 MINS

War on Cops

A look at the so-called “war on cops”… plus water-fight riots in the UK and the political fallout in post-coup Turkey.

Year 2016 Length 5.5 MINS

Showdown in Sactown

An interview with anti-fascist organizer Brazo, on the recent clashes in Sacramento between antifa and supporters of the Traditionalist Worker Party.

Year 2016 Length 8 MINS

The Divided States of America

A look at the toxic brew of anger, disillusionment and insecurity fueling support for Donald Trump, and contributing to a resurgence of far-right white supremacist and neo-nazi groups in the United Snakes.

Year 2016 Length 3.5 MINS

Disunited Kingdom

A look at the fallout of #Brexit, which has sparked political, economic and social turmoil in the UK, an increase in right-wing nationalism, xenophobia and anti-immigrant attacks, and started the clock ticking on the dissolution of the EU.

Year 2016 Length 5 MINS

Colombia: What’s Behind the Paro Nacional?

An interview with Marcela of Las Organizaciones Sociales de Arauca on the Paro Nacional, or national strike, launched on May 30th by a coalition of peasants, Indigenous peeps, Afro-Colombians, students, truck drivers and precarious workers.

Year 2016 Length 6 MINS