Who are the Warriors

An interview with Mohawk warrior Clifton Nicholas, about the warrior society and their role in the “Oka Crisis”.

Year 2015 Length 10 min

Rednecks Should Revolt

An interview with Conor and Beth, two members of Redneck Revolt, on how white supremacy operates in the United Snakes, and what organizing strategies white revolutionaries should be following in order to smash it.

Year 2016 Length 7 MINS

Liberals React to Trump

In the wake of the 2016 Presidential elections, liberals are freaking out in spectacular ways, and falling over one another to assign blame for Trump’s surprise victory.

Year 2016 Length 4 min

Weaponizing Solidarity

An interview with a member of the International Freedom Battalion, a group of foreign fighters made up mostly of anarchists, communists and socialists who have traveled to Syria to support the Rojava Revolution.

Year 2016 Length 6 MINS

Lessons from the Syrian Revolution

More than five years into the Syrian revolution, we interview Syrian-British journalist and co-author of Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War, Robin Yassin-Kassab.

Year 2016 Length 11 MINS

Syria & Rojava: A Tale of Two Revolutions

In this report we look at anarchists sometimes uncritical approach towards the Rojavan Revolution, and consider Arab opposition to the Kurd’s plans to link their three liberated cantons.

Year 2016 Length 4 MINS

The Left’s Failure in Syria

A look at the Syrian Revolution and subsequent civil war, and western leftists’ almost pathological inability to support the revolutionaries who rose up to overthrow a dictator and were faced by an overwhelming campaign of brutal repression.

Year 2016 Length 8 MINS

A Prisoner with A Youtube Channel

An exclusive interview with prison organizer Melvin Ray, filmed clandestinely inside Holman prison in Alabama.

Year 2016 Length 5 MINS

Slavery in the USA

Loading the player… Did you know that the cup that holds your Starbucks latte or the meat patty in your Big Mac was probably produced by a prisoner? Yep many corporations take advantage of the legal slave labor pool in the USA, with prison slave being paid pennies an hour to make everything from furniture… Read more »

Year 2016 Length 4 MINS