Global Uprisings: Egyptian Winter

Global Uprisings takes an in-depth look at the crushing debt that’s enslaving the Egyptian population, the black bloc and radical self defense against rapists.

Year 2013 Length 11 MINS

We are Legion

A documentary on the birth and rise of the hacker collective Anonymous.

Year 2013 Length 96.5 MINS

Blockadia Rising

A documentary written and directed by independent filmmaker Garrett Graham, in collaboration with the Tar Sands Blockade, on the fight to block the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Year 2013 Length 53 MINS

The spook who sat by the door

In this 1973 classic, the CIA hires its first black operative, Dan Freeman, in an attempt to clean up its image. Once he is discharged, he uses the skills he learns to form a revolutionary army for black liberation.

Year 1973 Length 102.5 MINS

We won’t pay: A call for a global tax revolt

Spanish media group ContraInfo has produced this informative video that not only explains the financial crisis in Europe, but ties it to the military industrial complex and calls for a tax revolt!

Year 2012 Length 15 MINS

La ZAD: When the Trees Shake (pt 1/4)

Documentary about the forest occupation on la ZAD of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes and the violent evistion on the October 30-31th.

Year 2012 Length 8 MINS

Occupation 101

If you ever needed a primer on the complex situation that is the conflict between the Palestinians and their ruthless captors of the Israeli state, Occupation 101 is it.

Year 2006 Length 88 MINS