The Battle of the Newbury Bypass

The story of the 1996 battle to stop the building of the Newbury Bypass, when over 7,000 people resisted the construction of a highway overpass, leading to some of the biggest anti-road protests in Europe’s history.

Year 2017 Length 98 MINS


Activists take a stand to protect an old growth forest from logging at Warner Creek in the Willamette National Forest of Oregon, blockading the logging road, repelling the State Police and creating a community that eventually develops into the Cascadia Free State.

Year 1999 Length 93.5 MINS


The story of how one anarchist forger, brought Citibank to its knees by printing millions of fake travelers checks

Year 2007 Length 90 MINS

The Chicago Conspiracy

The Chicago Conspiracy addresses the legacy of the military dictatorship in Chile by sharing the story of combatant youth who were killed by the Pinochet regime as a backdrop to the history of the military dictatorship and current social conflict in the area.

Year 2010 Length 94 MINS

Without a Boss

The former Zanon factory in Argentina, now known as “Sin Patrón” (Without a Boss) has 450 workers and has been self-organized for 13 years, as the name implies, they have no boss.

Year 2016 Length 90 MINS

Lessons from Nuit Debout

Radical media crew Doc du réel bring us this short film on the lessons on street confrontation from the wave of revolt that spread across France in Spring 2016.

Year 2016 Length 12 MINS

The Potentiality Of Storming Heaven

The Potentiality Of Storming Heaven chronicles the events that turned on a new generation to the fine art of rioting.

Year 2009 Length 28 MINS

Paris Rebelle

This is the story of the uprisings in Paris in the summer of 2016, where months of relentless riots, brought the president and his police to their knees.

Year 2016 Length 48 MINS

The fight goes on

A documentary by the North East Antifascists (NEA) and supporters, about the murder of French teenage antifascist Clément Méric.

Year 2015 Length 31 MINS