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Exile 2.0 – Chapter I

Exile 2.o follows the so-called Balkanroute from southeastern Turkey to Croatia, and features many autonomous, self-organized transit points along the way.

Year 2016 Length 93

Farmers of the Peace

Being a farmer in the Peace River region is not so easy, as thousands of gas wells near Fort St. John give highly paid jobs, but organic farming is still developing, thanks to the strength and resistance of people like Richard Birley and his family.

Year 2017 Length 8 MINS

An Anarchist’s Story: The Life of Ethel MacDonald

In 1936, with civil war sweeping through Spain, Ethel Macdonald – a working-class girl from Motherwell – was to become, for a year, one of the world’s most famous voices. She was perhaps the first example of an ’embedded reporter’, sending dispatches and broadcasts back from the Spanish Anarchist camp in Barcelona to the UK.

Year 2007 Length 75 MINS

Pros and Cons of Site C Dam

David Conway of BC Hydro and Ana Simeon of Sierra Club BC explain pro and contra of a project that will cost around 9 billion dollars. The energy produced will help industries and gas and oil wells, while more than 5000 hectares of farmland and sacred sites will be flooded.

Year 2017 Length 10 MINS

The Highway in their Backyard

Arlene and Ken Boon will have to move from their house if Site C will be built: their garden is the proposed site for the reallocation of the highway that would be flooded, but they don’t stop fighting. “Once you stop fighting, you die, and we are not ready for that”.

Year 2017 Length 11 MINS

Syria: The story of an impossible revolution

Ecos Del Desgarro describes the untold story of the Syrian revolution, and the effort for horizontal self-organization by grassroots committees, who aimed to create a new world while facing the brutal repression of Bashar Al Assad.

Year 2015 Length 75 MINS

Take a Look at the Construction

Poul and Esther Pedersen have their fields and their horses right in front of the construction site of the dam and they remember when an helicopter took off from their land to take Chiefs and activists to the occupation camp on the other slope of the Peace River. But that camp had to be removed.

Year 2017 Length 9 MINS

PeaceRiver: Cowboys and Indians against the Dam

Every Summer since more than 10 years people gather on the Peace River for the Paddle for the Peace: settlers and First Nations, farmers and native people are fighting together to protect 83 km of valley.

Year 2017 Length 7 MINS

UpStream: A Mosaic of Destruction

Peter McCartney of the Wilderness Committee in Vancouver gives an overview of the proposed developments planned in northern British Columbia, from the fracking wells in Fort St. John to the gas refrigeration plants on the coast, from the Site C dam to the pipeline network.

Year 2017 Length 7 MINS