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With the Chief among Gas Wells

Northeastern British Columbia has experienced a boom in gas extraction in the last few years and the territory is fragmented by wells, waste water ponds and pipelines. “I came up here with my son in search of berries but now I cry every time I see all this”, says Chief Roland Willson.

Year 2017 Length 7 MINS

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

We are announcing the formation of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and putting out a call to all those seeking freedom, who are committed to abolishing slavery, and who desire liberation for all.

Year 2017 Length 3 MINS

I fight therefore I am

“I fight therefore I am” documents many of the experiences of struggles and solidarity that have been taking place in Greece and Spain since 2008: struggles against evictions, occupations of job centers, resistance against police repression and riots, but also self-organised media, forums of migrants, cooperatives and solidarity initiatives.

Year 2015 Length 105 MINS

Clément Méric – Remembering means fighting!

On 5 June 2013 the 18 year old antifascist Clément Méric was murdered by fascists in Paris. Four years later antifascist activists from Berlin painted a graffiti in the city and hung a banner above the main entrance of the Technische Universität Berlin in order to commemorate Clément Méric

Year 2017 Length 6 MINS

The Segregation of West Moberly First Nation

With already two dams and thousands of gas wells, the territory around the West Moberly Lake is no longer available for traditional activities: First Nations can no longer practice their culture and are living in a new form of segregation.

Year 2017 Length 6 MINS

Lady Mayor and the Corporations

A small town in the middle of a territory rich in natural resources can only wait for decisions taken somewhere else. That’s the personal fight of Gwen Johansson, mayor of Hudson’s Hope. Big corporations decide almost without the interference of the government, and very often the government approves corporations’ decisions straightaway.

Year 2017 Length 6 MINS

Platanos: Self-Rescue

Platanos: Self-Rescue shows the hardships of volunteers who run a self orginized refugee rescue camp (Platanos) on the Greek island of Lesvos.

Year 2017 Length 6 MINS

Upstream #6: Kristin and Sage

They met in Vancouver during the hunger strike against the dam: Sage Birley and Kristin Henry meet again in the Peace River Valley some months later and discuss about resistance, activism, future and food sustainability. Kristin’s long hunger strike inspired a lot of people and took the battle right into the heart of Vancouver, in front of BC Hydro main office.

Year 2017 Length 6 MINS

In the Shadow of Borders

Is Canada the welcoming country for migrants it likes to call itself? In the Shadow of Borders challenges this myth and, through personal stories of detention, denial of essential services, labour exploitation and deportation, exposes how precarious are the lives of those without status.

Year 2015 Length 37 MINS