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La ZAD: When the Trees Shake (pt 1/4)

Documentary about the forest occupation on la ZAD of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes and the violent evistion on the October 30-31th.

Year 2012 Length 8 MINS

Occupation 101

If you ever needed a primer on the complex situation that is the conflict between the Palestinians and their ruthless captors of the Israeli state, Occupation 101 is it.

Year 2006 Length 88 MINS

Austin Police Arrest Santa Claus

Acclaimed Arctic peace activist Kris Kringle, better known to the world as Santa Claus, was arrested early this afternoon at the Texas State Capitol.

Year 2013 Length 11.5 MINS

Coconut Revolution

The story of the rag tag group of freedom fighters who took on mining giants and the government using homemade guns and lot’s of coconuts.

Year 2011 Length 53 MINS

Peeps in SLC say: Fuck Prisons! #dwn @prisondivest

Troublemakers in Salt Lake City shame and embarass Jane Marquardt, a candidate for vice chair of the local Democratic Party who also happens to be heavily invested in the Prison-Industrial Complex.

Year 2012 Length 7.5 MINS

The uncompromising #hiphop of Calle 13

Calle 13 is a rap group that takes their name form “street 13” in the Conquistador neighborhood in Puerto Rico. This track is Querido FBI, or “Dear FBI”, an angry tirade against the federales, after they murdered fugitive bank robbing revolutionary, and local hero, Filiberto Ojeda, in a Ruby Ridge style shootout.

Year 2007 Length 4 MINS