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Savage Fam’s Wild Rage

No rap group in the scene at the moment is hitting the issues of colonization, genocide and indigeneity with the lyrical dexterity of Savage Fam.

Year 2012 Length 4.5 MINS

Montreal Police Flashbang Style

On march 15th, people converged in MontrĂ©al to denounce police brutality. On that same day, police from all over Canada came to the Quebec city to observe the Montreal police’s crowd control techniques.

Year 2013 Length 7 MINS

Why Riot?

Two years after the Egyptian revolution, Mosireen, a radical media collective based in Cairo, drops an incendiary visual manifesto that asks the question… “why riot?”

Year 2013 Length 5.5 MINS

Justice for Deepan

Deepan Budlakoti is an Ottawa born man who is now facing deportation to India, a country where he has never lived, has no family and where he is not even a citizen.

Year 2013 Length 4 MINS

Tar Sands Pipelines Blocked in Minnesota

Grassroots land defenders in Minnesota kicked it up a notch, by fencing off an area used by Enbridge, a Canadian oil pipeline company, to stop them from transporting filthy tar sands oil through the traditional territory of the Red Lake Nations.

Year 2013 Length 4.5 MINS