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Crimethinc’s New Podcast

For over ten years CrimethInc has been wowing us with their tight use print and graphics to promote solid ideas and resistance reports. Now they’ve moved into the audio real by pumping out a podcast called “The Ex-Worker”.

Year 2013 Length 61 MINS

Six is Nine

Jarred Paul rocks “Six is Nine” from what looks like a living room show, pushing us to smash the banks while rejecting liberals who “talk shit then run and hide”.

Year 2013 Length 4 MINS

Vio.Me: Self-Organization in Greece

Our friends from “Global Uprisings” dropped another insightful report, this time about workers at the Vio.Me factory in Greece, who took over operations after the owner abandoned the factory.

Year 2013 Length 21.5 MINS


The importance of taking the streets is the driver behind this powerful animated short. By Sarah Quirion

Year 2013 Length 3 MINS

Into the Fire

In times of severe austerity things look bleak for Greek people, but they’re far worse for those who have recently arrived.

Year 2013 Length 39 MINS

Around the Kettle

In reaction to the repression of several recent protests, a gathering is organized against the the City of Montreal’s municipal P-6 bylaw and in support of the right to protest.

Year 2013 Length 16.5 MINS