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Lesbos: Enter the hot spot

Locals on the Greek island of Lesbos, which has been the frontline to the refugee crisis, discuss what they think the new term ‘hot spot’ means.

Year 2016 Length 8 MINS

San Fancisco Rent Strike

This is the story of the Midtown rent strike, the largest rent strike in San Francisco since 1978.

Year 2016 Length 13 MINS

Paris State of Emergency

A look back on the first months of the state of emergency in Paris

Year 2016 Length 19.5 MINS

The Fourth Estate

The media, including the film and entertainment industries, has a huge amount to answer for in the state of the political economy of the west.

Year 2015 Length 79 MINS

A Resolution

A new video manifesto from the folks from Woodbine.

Year 2015 Length 6 MINS