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Anger and solidarity at Grenfell tower

Another tragedy strikes London. This time through negligence and greed. A horrific fire has blitzed the whole of Grenfell estate in one of London’s richest borough and over a hundred are feared dead. The people demand answers and talk politics on the streets.

Year 2017 Length 3 MINS

The Stop at Madii Lii

Families stop for a coffee or a soup during the berry season; hunters pass through and leave something for the community: at Madii Lii camp everyone is welcome to take part in the activities organized for children and young people, because this spot on the Suskwa River is becoming a kind of school in the traditional territory of the Gitxsan.

Year 2017 Length 14 MINS

June 11 – Communication is a weapon

For 13 years, anarchists and environmentalists have observed June 11 as a day of action to mobilize around our imprisoned comrades.

Year 2017 Length 2 MINS

Blueberry First Nation suing the Crown

Treaties signed with the Crown are not respected, that’s why Blueberry First Nation is suing the Province and the Federal Government for “accumulative impact” of resource extraction. This is the first time ever that such a case arrives to be discussed in court.

Year 2017 Length 8 MINS

With the Chief among Gas Wells

Northeastern British Columbia has experienced a boom in gas extraction in the last few years and the territory is fragmented by wells, waste water ponds and pipelines. “I came up here with my son in search of berries but now I cry every time I see all this”, says Chief Roland Willson.

Year 2017 Length 7 MINS

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

We are announcing the formation of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and putting out a call to all those seeking freedom, who are committed to abolishing slavery, and who desire liberation for all.

Year 2017 Length 3 MINS