Circle (A)

The Circle(A) podcast is our space for in-depth analysis and extended conversations with anarchists and Indigenous land defenders. Each episode showcases one of our favourite interviews from past Trouble and System Fail episodes, plus analysis from one of our hosts.

Reflections From the October Rebellion

Learning from Chile’s Revolts On October 18, 2019 – a breaking point was reached. Revolts spread like wildfire in different territories that are dominated by

War on Anarchists

At the beginning of March 2021, the streets of Athens exploded. After months of repressive lockdown measures and a hunger strike by well-known Greek political

The Enemy of My Enemy

The Enemy of My Enemy is Also My Enemy. In this episode, Sima Lee joins us to talk about Left responses (good, bad and ugly)

Make America Go Away

Make America Go Away: An Anarchist’s Take on the 2020 US Election For this episode we’re featuring a conversation with anarchist theorist and author, Tom