subMedia Shorts

Our collection of short news segments, riot porn mash-ups, action recaps, front-line reportbacks, hot takes, and calls for support – all optimized for social media attention spans.

Defend the Atlanta Forest Week of Action

From March 4-11, supporters of the Defend the Atlanta Forest movement will converge in the Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta. There will be a two-day music festival, workshops, discussions, and many ways to take an active part in the movement.

Kolektiva: Social Media By and For Anarchists

This is our chance to re-imagine social media, and our relationship to it. To rediscover the lost promise of the Internet. To construct new digital worlds in the burning shell of the old. And to do it together.

Help Spread Anarchy

As anarchists, we know that the new world we seek will never be handed to us.
We will need to build it. Together.

Support the Fight for Freedom in Kurdistan

The Kurdish revolution does not only face attacks from the fascist state of Turkey. Now Iraq is also attacking the mountainous region of Shingal. The population has promised to resist, and for this all international help and solidarity is essential! Action is needed now!

Solidarity Is Our Weapon

Cross border solidarity is needed to help the people of the Ukraine to resist the Russian Empire and its World.

You can support ABC Dresden efforts at

Reconciliation at Gunpoint

Layla Staats and Skyler Williams describe their arrest on unceded Cas Yikh territory, and the disgusting lengths that the Canadian state went to try and break their warrior spirits.

What’s Next for subMedia?

A few months ago we asked our viewers to fill out a survey to help us figure out what we’ve been doing wrong…. and boy did you ever come through!

Hiladi Village

Hiladi Village is a traditional village site of the Ma’amtagila people. This unceded land and is in the process of being reclaimed.

Free Sean Swain

On August 13th, longtime anarchist prisoner Sean Swain is going up in front of the parole board. Sean has been behind bars for 30 years. It’s time for him to be released.

Iran: The Uprising of the Thirsty

On July 15th 2021, people took to the streets in the Iranian province of Khouzestan to protest against the lack of water due to government mismanagement.